Benedictus Deus

Benedictum Nomen Sanctum eius


Benedictus Deus is a blog dedicated to Catholic theology, liturgy, and culture. I have never studied theology formally, but I would like to. Unfortunately, it is simply not in the cards (financially or time-wise) for now. So, I am going to try to educate myself and blog a little about it on my way. In that sense, this blog is kind of a proving ground for me to see if studying theology is something I truly want to pursue. I am also starting this blog as a means to give me some practice at writing. I enjoy writing, but haven’t done much of it lately.

Why “Benedictus Deus”? Benedictus Deus means “blessed be God.” I chose that title for several reasons. First, it reflects the joy and hopefulness proper to a Christian. Second, it is the opening words of the Divine Praises, and so it symbolizes my appreciation for traditional forms of piety, as well as my fondness for the Latin language (the language of the Western church). Finally, it’s just a great thing to say about God.

What is that other stuff under the title? It is the next line of the Divine Praises: Blessed be his holy name.

What is the background picture? “The Baptism of the People,” by Andrea Del Sarto. It is a fresco on the walls of the Chiostro Della Scalzo in Florence Italy. I picked it because baptism is so fundamental to our faith, and for aesthetic reasons.