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Rogation Days

Filed under: Easter,Liturgical Calendar — May 27, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

It is once again time for three days of processions and penance to ask our Lord’s blessing, before the Feast of the Ascension.  Tomorrow is the last of the three days.  Since Rogationtide coincided with Memorial Day this year, I was able to attend the Mass of Rogation and procession at my parish.  That was the first time I have ever been to an official rogation procession.  It’s definitely worth making the effort for if you are able.  As usual, we also had our own family procession at home to bless our home and property.  The procession was a bit rag-tag, but we did manage to sing the Litany in Latin.  (Which worked out well, since my oldest daughter was just learning about imperative forms in Latin, and of course, the Litany is chock full of them).

At Mass, our pastor pointed out that when Rogantide was done away with in the new Missal, part of the rationale was that “nobody does it anymore.”  Sadly, that much was probably true since well before the council.  Not to mention all the apathy towards many other aspects of the liturgy as well.  But those of us who are serious about our faith, and about passing it on to our children need to restore these practices, so they are part of our lives.  I think the reason many people fall away from the faith when they are adults is because it was never a significant part of their lives in the first place.  It’s in living out these customs that children learn to see the beauty and truth in our Holy Religion, and the faith becomes more firmly planted in their hearts.  I hope that one day it will be commonplace to see families processing around their yards, sprinkling holy water everywhere during these days.

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