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Confraternity of St. Benedict

Filed under: Liturgy,Prayer — February 23, 2010 @ 10:38 am

My good friend John R. has taken the initiative to establish a Divine Office association called the Confraternity of Saint Benedict.  In a nut shell this is an association for both lay and clerical members with the aim of fostering use of the traditional Office both at home in and in public services (especially Vespers and Compline).  This is an endeavor very much in the spirit of Dom Gueranger who sought to get the laity involved in the full liturgy of the Church, not Holy Mass alone.

If you are interested in praying the Breviary I highly recommend that you check out the charter of the Confraternity and see if perhaps a chapter can be established in your area.  Even if not, there will be a lot of helpful information available at that site on rubrics for the offices and other related topics.


  1. Linda Robinson:

    Please, how does one contact the Confraternity of St Benedic?I am very interested in joining but could find no contact information on their site. Perhaps I overlooked it. . .




  3. Patrick:

    I would like to be enrolled in the confraternity of St Benedict. I live by Catskill, NY. How would I go about it. I do pray the breviary.

  4. Colette:

    Very beautiful site! Could you send me the prayers to be prayed before and after the recitation of the Liturgy of Hours please.

  5. tony:

    Hi Colette, and thank you! I am not sure what you mean about prayers before and after the LOTH. All the prayers you need are in the office for that hour. I don’t know of any extra prayers to say before or after.

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