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Advent Plans

Filed under: Advent,Liturgical Calendar — December 2, 2008 @ 12:42 pm

Advent is already upon us again!  It is the start of the Church’s year.  It is a time of darkness and penance, like Lent, but there is a kind of excitement and anticipation that Lent doesn’t have.  I may do a few posts on Advent itself, but in the meantime I thought I would share some of my plans for Advent.

On the fist Sunday of Advent we got out our Advent decorations, which consists of and an Advent calendar, wreath, and a Jesse Tree.  I like to keep it sparse.  Every night we light the appropriate candles and say some advent prayers, usually centered around the Sunday collect (although this year we might try something more like this).  For the adults there will be fasting with partial abstinence, although we tend to lighten up on certain feast days (see below).

On the 5th we prepare for the Feast of St. Nicholas.  We set out some treats for St. Nick and his horse, and set the shoes out.  We all wake up in the morning to find our shoes stuffed with candies, nuts, and fruit.  On the Feast day itself we play some games, sing some songs (maybe) and eat our treats.   We set a small statue of St. Nicholas and a small icon out in a prominent place, and invoke his intercession every night until the end of the Christmas season.  We will probably also do some crafts and games from my favorite St. Nicholas site.

On the 7th is the Feast of St. Ambrose.  Since he is the patron of candle makers (among other things) this year we are going to get a candle making kit from a craft store, and make our Christmas candle on this day (a large white candle).

The 8th is the immaculate conception.  We usually don’t do too much (aside from going to mass I mean), but might have a cake with blue frosting or something along those lines.

For our Lady of Guadeloupe  (12th) we have a mexican dinner.  We also light our big candle with the image from the tilma on it.  Last year we also had a cut and color kit we didn’t quite finish, so we’ll get that out again this year.

The 13th is St. Lucy’s day, the patron of my oldest daughter.  I got a nice crown for her this year. (Actually it’s really cheap and broke in the first two minutes it was out the box, but we can fix it.  Maybe next year I’ll get the metal one).  My wife bakes a Lucy cake and, following the Swedish custom,  my daughter will serve cake, drinks and other treats for breakfast (with some help since she is only six).  On the kids’ feast days I take them to mass if possible.

On Gaudete Sunday we get out the Christmas decorations and put them up because there is not enough time to do it on Christmas Eve.  But the lights stay off until fist vespers of Christmas.  We might allow a few anticipatory Christmas songs on that day.

On the morning of Christmas Eve we bake our Christmas cookies.  We also get ready for Christmas Eve dinner (or at least try to) which features a lot of white colored foods, like mashed cauliflower, mashed potatoes, white bread, and vanilla pudding.

And that pretty much wraps up Advent for us.


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