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All Hollow’s and the Month of November – CORRECTION

Filed under: Liturgical Calendar,Time After Pentecost — October 30, 2008 @ 12:19 pm

Just a quick correction – I originally wrote that we pray from different deceased family members each day of the octave of All Souls.  I meant the octave of All Saints.  All Souls does not have an octave.

This weekend is Hallowtide again already. For All Hallow’s Eve we will do some trick or treating followed by a bon fire in the back yard with seasonal snacks (e.g. apples, pop corn, pumpkin seeds, cider). If it’s not too chilly we will play some games like pumpkin blowing and ghost in the graveyard. After that it will back inside for Halloween stories. Emphasis will be placed on the reality of hell and diabolical forces, and the confidence we should have in Christ and his Saints to triumph over them. We might watch the Charlie Brown Halloween movie if there is time, and we will wrap up with some prayers for the dead. I’ll try to post afterward with how it goes.

We will be going to high mass Saturday morning for All saints day, and family will be over in the afternoon for my son’s birthday, so we will have small party for that.

Because all Souls day is on a Sunday, and you can’t have a requiem mass on Sunday, All Souls day mass can be bumped to Monday. The month of November is dedicated to praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. All Souls day is sort of the kickoff for this. As always, I want to emphasize the importance of praying for the dead, especially in this day and age, when most people totally neglect it. During the Octave of all Saints we pick a different departed family member each night to pray for.

It is customary to go to a graveyard and pray for loved ones there. But if you don’t live near a place where you have family buried, you could go to the nearest cemetery and pray for those who have no else to pray for them. We are going to try to do that.

Obviously during November the days get very short, and we approach the end of the liturgical year. So even though it is not yet a penitential time, the atmosphere is similar. There are some feasts here and there, but it is a good time start to prepare yourself for Advent, since it’s hard to block out the premature secular Christmas season at the start of Advent.

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  1. John R:


    Sounds like you all had a nice evening and are taking good advantage of living out in the “country” (bon fires and such).

    I like your bit about starting to think about Advent. We’re going to try to complete any Christmas shopping this year before Thanksgiving so as to free up the entire season of Advent for its intended focus.

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