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Feast of St. Lucy – Updated

Filed under: Advent,Liturgical Calendar,Saints — December 13, 2007 @ 1:08 pm

Saint LucyToday is the feast of St. Lucy. This a favorite around our house, since Lucy is the patron saint of our oldest daughter. It’s also a generally popular feast day with many nice traditions associated with it. If you are trying to avoid premature Christmas celebration this is another feast that gives you an appropriate chance for festivities. Our main celebration is simply making a St. Lucy cake. The main theme of the day is light, so candles are common feature of many St. Lucy customs.

Our St. Lucy celebration turned out really well. My daughter was up early enough that I could take her to morning mass. Fortunatly my work schedule is flexible enough, that I can do things like that on occasion. After mass, Father blessed her St. Lucy medal, which she was thrilled about. It was a nice time. Later in day, my wife made the cake with the children.

She got the recipe from her aunt who just calls it tea ring. But after making a similar, but very plain, St. Lucy cake last year, we noticed that the dough tasted very similar. Also my wife’s aunt said the tea ring is a Sweedish custom (where St. Lucy is also very popular) and, as you can see, it shaped like a braded crown. I read somewhere (I can’t find it now) that St. Lucy cakes were sometimes made in the shape of crowns. So I suspect that “tea ring” is really a St. Lucy cake. But I don’t know for sure. If anyone else knows, feel free to comment. Anyway, here is the cake:

St. Lucy Cake

The collect for this feast:

Graciously hear us, O God of our salvation, and grant that we, who keep with joy the festival of Blessed Lucy, Thy virgin and martyr, may, by our feeling of loving devotion, advance in our knowledge of Thee.

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  1. mrs jackie parkes:

    Lovely post & blog…

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  3. Mary:

    You have truly captured the beauty of the feast of St. Lucy. May her intercessions bless your family.

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