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Advent with Dom Gueranger part II

Filed under: Advent,Liturgical Calendar — December 12, 2007 @ 9:51 pm

Continuing from the same chapter as the previous post:

This first duty complied with, we must next turn our minds to the coming which our Savior wishes to accomplish in our own hearts. It is, as we have see, a coming full of sweetness and mystery, and a consequence of the first; for the good Shepherd comes not only to visit the flock in general, but He extends His solicitude to each one of the sheep, even the hundredth which is lost…

But as, on His entering into this world, our divine Savior first showed Himself under the form of a weak Babe, before attaining the fullness of the age of manhood, and this to the end that nothing might be wanting to His sacrifice, so does He intend to do in us; there is to be a progress in His growth within us. Now, it is at the feast of Christmas that He delights to be born in our souls, and that He pours out over the whole Church a grace of being born, to which, however, not all are faithful.

For this glorious solemnity, as often as it comes round, finds three classes of men. The first, and the smallest number, are those who live, in all its plenitude, the life of Jesus who is within them, and aspire incessantly after the increase of this life. The second class of souls is more numerous; they are living, it is true, because Jesus is in them; but they are sick and weakly, because they care not to grow in this divinge life; their charity has become cold! [Apoc 2:4] The rest of men make up the thrid division, and are they that have no part of this life in them, and are dead; for Christ has said: ‘I am the Life.’ [John 14:6]

Now, during this season of Advent, our Lord knocks at the door of all men’s heart, at one time so forcibly that they must needs notice Him; at another, so softly that it requires attention to know that Jesus is asking admission. He comes to ask them if they have room for Him, for He wishes to be born in their house. The house indeed is His, for he build it and preserves it; yet He complains that His own refused to receive Him; [John 1:11] at least the greater number did. ‘But as many as received Him, he gave them power to be made the sons of God, born not of blood, nor of the flesh, but of God.’ [John 12:13]

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