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Advent with Dom Gueranger part I

Filed under: Advent,Liturgical Calendar — December 9, 2007 @ 9:15 pm

From Abbot Gueranger’s Liturgical Year, volume 1, chapter 3 Practice During Advent:

If it is written that the Saviour hath purchased the Church with His own blood [Acts 20:28], may not each one of us say of himself those words of St. Paul, ‘Christ hath loved me, and hath delivered Himself up for me’?[Gal 2:29] Our destiny being the same, then, as that of the Church, we should endeavour during Advent, to enter into the spirit of preparation, which is, as we have seen, that of the Church herself.

And firstly, it is our duty to join with the saints of the old Law in asking for the Messias, and thus pay the debt which the whole human race owes to the devine mercy. In order to fulfil this duty with fervour, let us go back in thought to those four thousand years, represented by the four weeks of Advent, and reflect on the darkness and crime which filled the world before our Saviour’s coming. Let our hearts be filled with lively gratitude towards Him who saved His creature man from death, and who came down from heaven that He might know our miseries by Himself experiencing them, yes, all of the excepting sin. Let us cry to Him with confidence from the depths of our misery; for, notwithstanding His having saved the work of His hands, He still wishes us to beseech Him to save us. Let therefore our desires and our confidence have their free utterance in the ardent supplications of the ancient prophets, which the Church puts on our lips during these days of expectation; let us give our closest attention to the sentiments which they express.

Let’s pay special attention to the words of the ancient prophets quoted at mass this time of year.  They are not just reminders of how things once were, but also have parallels in our own day.  We must strive to make their words our own.

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