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Cyril of Alexandria

Filed under: Saints — February 10, 2007 @ 9:01 am

As usual I’m late on posts about feast days. Yesterday was the feast of St. Cyril of Alexandria on the old calender. St. Cyril was the main defender against the heresy of Nestorius. Nestorius basically denied the unity of the two natures of Christ. He said that Mary should be called the mother of Christ, not the mother of God. St. Cyril put him in his place at the council of Ephesus where his arguments defending the true Christian doctrine won the day.

St. Cyril was kind of an ornery character, but he had a razor sharp mind and he always stood firm on matters of doctrine, even to the point of opposing the Emperor.

I pray that God will send us a St. Cyril for today. So called theologians and historians are always trying to down play Jesus and his divinity. Most Catholic political leaders couldn’t pray their way out of paper bag. Lord please bless us bishops like St. Cyril!

For more on this great saint and doctor of the Church check out this post on “The Way Of The Fathers.”


  1. Phil B.:

    You hit the nail on the head… it’s about study suffused with prayer. I spent years in grad school and only after I left off the study did I realize the piece missing… praying as well as thinking with the Church.

  2. tony:

    Yes, and I think Pope Benedict has been trying to get theologians to see this. He has commented a number of times on the importance of prayer for theologians. I think it was St. Anselm who said theology is “faith seeking understanding.” Doing theology presupposes faith, otherwise your work is in vain.

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